The Story behind Zola Dining Table and Chairs

Once upon a time two men met each other and realised they had a passion for wood.

Justin the Woodsman and Edward the Alchemist finisher started a British Company called Square Roots (great name for a Company) and decided to design handmade, sustainable, solid wood furniture.

Justin wanders in the forests of Burgundy (like the wine), France until he finds Timber Mills that are environmentally responsible and have sustainable timber management programmes.

French Oak is harder, heavier, and richer in tannins than other Oaks.

This means your Zola table and chairs have distinctive grain patterns, and have been designed to show off the natural shape and contours of Oak , to emphasise that wood is a living, breathing , amazing material that should be touched, smelt and seen.

The metal used in the Zola table and chairs is recycled sand cast iron which has been collected from old engine blocks, obsolete machines etc. melted down and carefully set into crafted sand moulds.

To produce the beautiful colours and effects on the Zola furniture the wood has been finished either with an old recipe handed down by Antique restorers or by a new creation developed by Square Roots.

Then to enhance the finishing vegetable based oils are blended with resins as a topcoat to keep the natural look of the wood but also to offer water and scuff resistance and to prevent chipping or flaking.

Square Roots believes in making beautiful furniture that is built to last, produced ethically and responsibly.

You don’t often get to hear the story behind a piece of furniture but I think this story makes the Zola Dining Set very special.