Tecoma stans

You may not have heard of Tecoma stans but it is one of those magical plants that can survive in the U.A.E in full sun, sandy soil and moderate watering.

Not only that, but it has a most beautiful flower, lush green leaves and can look great all year round.

Tecoma stans is perfect for your U.A.E garden because it is native to the Americas and comes from the desert and dry areas of Texas and Arizona.

It is a fast growing and easy to grow evergreen shrub or small tree and it has a tendency to spread which is great if you need to fill an area in your garden.

The bright yellow flower is trumpet shaped and hangs in clusters from the branches, the weight of the yellow flower cluster often bends the branch to form droopy arches which makes the plant even more attractive.

The seeds of the Tecoma stans are in a long stringbean like pods that also hang in vertical clusters. These do split open in time so it is best not to plant Tecoma stans near a swimming pool to avoid seed droppings.

This plant is perennial which means it has it’s green pointy shaped leaves all year and if you prune it , then with each burst of new growth you will see new flowers so it can have the lovely yellow trumpet flowers nearly all year.

It can be planted in a pot or planter and requires minimal water but would need cutting to keep into a shape and to be contained.

Tecoma stans planted with Agave in a garden creates a spectacular color contrast.

It is the official flower of the Virgin Islands and the floral emblem of the Bahamas.

Other names for Tecoma stans are:

Trumpetbush, Yellow bells, Yellow elder, Ginger-Thomas

Tecoma stans for me is a magical plant because it is beautiful and yet it is hardy and loves the hot Middle Eastern sun.

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