The Desert Group Landscape Commercial division specialises in major landscape construction contracts in the commercial sector and offers our clients a wide variety of services that provide seamless project execution from pre-construction through construction to completion close out.

We target large projects, developers and principal contractors in the construction industry assisting them in the execution with their landscaping plans for hospitality and major recreational projects together with commercial developments and residential communities.

We are able to take an overall master plan concept for a major project and together with our design department, develop the detailed shop drawings and bills of quantities for irrigation, planting layouts, electrical works and hardscaping.

Our prestigious client portfolio includes:

Dubai World Trade Centre, EMAAR, Nakheel, Jumeirah International, One and Only Royal Mirage, Ritz Carlton, Park Hyatt Creek and Major Private Clients. Our current work includes high profile projects such as the Lagoons with Sama Dubai, Wasit Nature Reserve and the and the new Rugby Stadium for Emirates Airlines.

The construction of these large-scale projects is carried out to the highest standards of quality and professionalism that the Desert Group has become renowned for.




Pine bark mulch:

Mulch is a specially prepared organic or inorganic materials used for covering the soil surface around plants and beds of rows, as well as track, play areas and paths lining. Mulch fulfils both decorative and practical functions ensuring favourable growth conditions for plants and preventing from weeds growing.


Versicell – Sub-surface drainage:

VersiCell is structural drainage cell manufactured from recycled plastics designed for sub-surface drainage where a high capture and discharge rate of water and high compressive strength is required

VersiJack – Bearer & paver support:

VersiJack is a height and slope-adjustable pedestal engineered by Elmich used to support paver or decking to reduce material, construction and lifecycle costs.

Versiwall GM – Green wall:

Versiwall GM (VGM) is a principal component in Elmich Green Wall. It is assembled from high strength lightweight plastic structural panels. Each module is 500mm wide x 560mm high with a selectable depth of 150mm to 250mm.

Versiwall GP – Green wall:

Versiwall GP (VGP) is an easy-to-install and low-maintenance modular vertical greening system with a choice of mounting, planting density and growth media options to suit different wall conditions.

Turfpave – Grass & gravel stabilisation:

TurfPave is an interlocking grass paver manufactured from recycled plastics designed to stabilize and support grass or decorative gravel that is subject to pedestrian and occasional vehicular traffic.

Versiweb – Slope stabilisation:

VersiWeb is a geosynthetic slope stabilisation designed to be filled with granular materials to create a three dimensional erosion barrier and structural bridge whilst facilitating easy drainage and preventing build-up of hydrostatic pressure.

Versitank – Stormwater management:

VersiTank is a high strength modular stormwater infiltration or storage tank made from recycled plastics designed for as an at-source management system of rainwater from roofs and other impermeable surfaces.


Control Valves:

Based on four decades of innovation at the cutting edge of advanced flow control solutions, BERMAD offers its worldwide customers the most complete range of proven hydraulic control valves for landscape irrigation – drip, sprinklers and micro-jets – for use in commercial, turf, golf and residential gardening.


Composite Decking:

Artificial grass is a synthetic product which is used instread of natural grass and which saves maintenance costs and yet looks natural.


Moderna Seat with back rest

Diamante Bench without back rest

Contoure Bench without back rest

Abu Dhabi litter bin

Brasilia Bollard

Nota Bollard


Peat moss:

Peat Moss is suitable for making growing media for vegetables and ornamental plants; for nurseries, greenhouses, open field plant production. This is a widely used raw material for professional use. Peat is free of wood and sand, seeds, radioactivity and chemicals.


Water Reel Irrigation:

Kifco Water-Reels are the most innovative option on the market for field, crop and park irrigation. Utilizing a simple set and go system, Water-Reels make it easy to irrigate acres in a single pass.

Kifco Water-Reels are the premier hard hose traveler in the irrigation industry. Our Water-Reels are the ultimate form of portable irrigation and can irrigate your pasture, sports field, crops or horse arena and easily move from one location to another. Kifco offers a comprehensive line of travelers that irrigate areas as large as a ½ Section (80 acres) per week and as small as a 1 acre yard or an indoor riding arena in a single run. Kifco Water-Reels offer portable irrigation for any permanent or temporary irrigation need.


Golf Course Irrigation Systems:

Manufacturer and supplier of Golf Course Central Control systems, Advanced Control Technologies, Field Control Systems, Gear-Driven Rotors, Valves,  Accessories, Pumps & Pump Stations, Filters & Filtration, Algae Control, System (ACS) & Landscape Solutions


Tree Ties:

Tree ties are of 2 types : Buckle tree tie and Chain lock tie. Which are used for anchorage and fixing of the tree.


Sports Surfaces & Rubberised Flooring for Jogging Tracks


Farm Irrigation system:

Zimmatic by Lindsay center pivot irrigation systems are designed for both small and large fields.  Their modular design allows Lindsay to custom configure longer systems to save system cost and special heights for taller crops like sugar cane or tree crops.  Each pivot is designed for specific climatic, topographical and cropping conditions.  Zimmatic systems operate in deserts, on flood plains, on flat land and rolling hills, and on a variety of crops.Customized Sprinkler Packages – Rotating-spray, fixed-spray, and LEPA (Low Energy Precision Application) sprinklers provide a variety of coverage and pressure solutions to fit any operation.


Wood mulch

Potting soil


Aluminum Edging:

Primarily used in residential and light commercial applications where greater flexibility is desired. Prolonged straight runs are possible but will require additional labor due to flexibility differences compared to 3/16″ thick material. Applications include, but are not limited to, planting beds, tree rings, paver walkways and paths. 16 foot edging sections are packaged 15 pieces (240’) per box. 8 foot edging sections are packaged 15 pieces (120’) per box.

Plastic Edging:

A lighter version of Elite-Edge but still features a premium blend of polyethylene giving this lawn edging the same superior flexibility, strength, and resistance to weathering. Flex-Edge features a height of 5” from top to bottom, a 1” round top bead and a standard V-lip. Each 20ft section weighs 5 lbs.


Shade Net:

Shade net used in the consttuction of green houses, nurserie and shade structures available in various shades percentages.


Stella Verde

Palma Verde

Cardoba Verde

Samba Verde


    Weathermatic is driven by a simple purpose, to help you save water in the landscape where most water waste occurs. Using proven irrigation science and market leading technology, their solutions help maximize landscape beauty while saving billions of gallons of water. Spend a few minutes reviewing some of our products. Weathermatic thinks you will find they are among the most innovative in the industry and will help you fulfill your irrigation water management and savings needs.