The Desert Group is the leading provider of high quality, good value landscape leisure and lifestyle solutions in the Middle East.


Our people take pride in the delivery of premium turnkey projects along with wholesale and retail services.


Uniquely integrated capabilities and innovative products and services allow us to deliver superior results to customers and shareholders alike.


The Desert Group shall become the recognised leading provider of unique outdoor lifestyle solutions in the UAE through product and service excellence, market and customer focus, pioneering innovation and team work.


The Desert Group shall be the leading brand name in the AGCC in providing innovative, high quality outdoor lifestyle solutions for individuals, developers, businesses and governments. To achieve this The Desert Group will create new businesses, enter new markets, engage new customers and introduce new products and services. The Desert Group’s geographic reach and business expansion will be supported by excellent people and management, systems and support and a focus on group synergies and continuous improvement.


The Desert Group shall be recognised as a business success in the AGCC region whose business reach is embracing global markets through manufacturing, trade and investment activities. As a publicly listed company it will contribute to the size and quality of the UAE GDP and will obtain best in class growth in value and profits for all shareholders.


Group and individual entrepreneurism


Dedication to quality in services, products and work processes


Going further than others to deliver good product/service results to clients


Innovation and pioneering


Recognising and rewarding good individual and team work