Wrightia from the Apocynaceae family

There are not many plants in Dubai that flower all year round but Wrightia is one of them.

The white flower is so pretty and delicate that some of the Plant’s common names are Snowflake, Arctic snow or Winter cherry tree. There are five clearly defined petals with yellow stamens and they appear in clusters all over this shrub. To compliment the flower, nature has made an abundance of leaves glossy and dark green on the top with a lighter green underside together this produces very lush foliage.

Wrightia is an extremely attractive evergreen, all- year flowering, perennial shrub with many erect, short branches. It is fast growing and usually grows up 1.5 to 2metres in height and has a 1.5 to 2.5metre spread.

Perfect for the U.A.E it loves full sun or partial shade. An increase in shade means fewer flowers and darker leaves. It thrives in humidity and a sandy soil. Wrightia will benefit from fertilizer mixed into the sand and does like to be moist on a daily basis but not waterlogged. Digging in a mulch when planting will help with keeping the roots cool and the soil moist.

You can use it in your garden as a hedge or background plant. The roots are non-invasive in fact they are almost like succulent roots so Wrightia is also great in pots and planters positioned on patios, balconies or around pool areas.

Wrightia is easy to prune for shape and size so makes amazing Topiary as well as a good Bonsai.

Wrightia was named after Willam Wright, a Scottish botanist (1735-1819) and originally was found in India, Burma and Sri Lanka. In the past its’ leaves, roots and seeds have been used by different cultures for medicinal purposes.

Wrightia is a must to have in your U.A.E garden or on your U.A.E. balcony.