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3 Ideas for low-maintenance front yard landscape design

Do more with less. It is a common trend in many aspects of life: from workplace to home, people try to find ways to reduce manual work and open more time in their day.

This frame of mind tends to understand the trend toward low-maintenance landscape architecture. Homeowners want their yard to give a good first impression, but due to their hectic lives, they do not want to waste a lot of time maintaining it. They would rather spend the time relaxing in their backyard.

Here are some ideas on how to make a front yard landscape design look beautiful without hours of care.

  • Install a Paver Driveway

While asphalt and concrete are also touted as long-lasting materials, pavers are much thicker and can hold more weight. Since pavers driveways are more robust, they can withstand stress from any direction, including physical pressure and environmental conditions. This ensures fewer repairs over their lifetime.

  • Grow Native Plants

When plants are relocated from their natural environment to a new climate, they will feel like a fish out of water. Temperature and precipitation changes, among other factors, may induce stress in plants, preventing them from growing. To compensate for this stunted development, homeowners must have more intensive treatment.

Although the maintenance schedule varies depending on the species, non-native (or exotic) plants need more regular watering and fertilization to conform to their new climate. They also necessitate further pesticide management due to their reduced risk tolerance.

The beauty of native plants is that they are already adapted to the conditions of their surroundings. As a result, they need less water, fertilizer, and pesticides than non-native plants. Although you will save time and money, you will also save water and reduce runoff.

  • Invest in LED Lighting

LED lighting use has gradually risen in recent years, and with good cause. Since LED items have a longer lifespan, this reduces the prices of spare parts as well as the labor needed to mount them. Although switching to LED landscape lighting simplifies maintenance, it also provides enormous design versatility. Path lights, step lights, floodlights — the possibilities are limitless!

Feeling inspired by these low-maintenance front yard landscape design ideas? Connect with our team at Desert Landscape, and we will help bring these concepts to life.