Front Yard Curb Appeal Ideas


A good first impression can make a world of difference to many homeowners. By upgrading your curb appeal, you have a chance to influence how people look and feel about your home before they even step inside. While it’s important to balance the money you spend on improvements, many improvements to your landscaping can cost […]

3 Ideas for low-maintenance front yard landscape design

landscape-frontyard design

Do more with less. It is a common trend in many aspects of life: from workplace to home, people try to find ways to reduce manual work and open more time in their day. This frame of mind tends to understand the trend toward low-maintenance landscape architecture. Homeowners want their yard to give a good […]

The Purpose of Pergola


Pergolas can come in a range of types and sizes, but the main aim of them is to shield homeowners from harmful rays of the sun. The shelter might take the form of a spring rain shower or protective sheet that blocks the harsh rays of the sun in the summer. So, you can keep […]

Tips and Tricks to upgrade your Landscape in UAE

A quiet evening by the poolside is a great priority for many residences in UAE. With the proper planning of your landscape, your outdoors can be reworked into a luxury haven. At Desert Landscape, being one of the top landscaping companies in UAE at experienced visual percept, we tend to perceive the nuances of the […]